Zimbabwe election result: Emmerson Mnangagwa wins, opposition rejects results

The ruling party is once in action by winning the election on Friday with just over the 50 percent votes while the opposition just lose by a small margin and is certain to challenge the result in the courts.

Zimbabwe’s President Emmerson Mnangagwa got 50.8 percent while main opposition party led by Nelson Chamisa received 44.3 percent. The election was in peaceful environment as against the last day violence which reminded of long back repression under Mugabe.

By winning the election, Emmerson says that he is humbled as he says in twitter that, “Though we may have been divided at the polls, we are united in our dreams”.

He added further, “This is a new beginning. Let us join hands, unity and love and together build a new Zimbabwe for all”.

Soon after the results of the election was announced, opposition leader Morgen Komichi took the stage and totally rejects the decision of the results by saying that he will not signed the election results while police escorted him from the speech.

Komichi said the election were “fraudulent” and “everything has been done illegally”and he will refuse to sign the papers stating Mnangagwa’s win.

Mnangagwa’s election stress shows that it may create political crisis after Wednesday’s violence in Harare with the military intervention creating amid tension over a vote.

With the violence, six people were dead with 14 injured and 18 people were arrested at the offices of main opposition party. The new elected leader Mnangagwa ordered an “independent investigation” into Wednesday’s violence, saying that those responsible “should be identified and brought to justice”.


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