World Book Day: Travel around the amazing experience with this cheapest source

Once rightly said that the books are the men’s best friend is still followed by many legends as they snatch away the time from their daily routine to get through some of the best books. The list includes Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Former president of USA, Barack Obama or the famous Bollywood celebrities like Big B and many more.

An good book can also take you around the amazing experience of travelling across the beautiful stories of the world. However, discover some famous books and be present to the directed place.

A Passage to India by EM Foster (1924)

Creating the scene of the 1920’s Indian Independence movement, the book ‘A passage to India’ by EM Foster created the scene of tension which was originated long back in 1920 between Britishers and Indians. The story is of Young British schoolmistress, Adela who was assaulted by Dr Aziz, an Indian Physician in a cave.

This book is also recognized as the “All Time 100 Novels List” in Times magazines also the James Tait Black Memorial Prize for fiction in 1924.

Pearl of china by Anchee Min (2010)

The Book illustrate the story in the 19th century at the southern town of Chin-Kiang where two young girls from a different background become best friends. While one friend named as Willow belongs to a destitute family, the other friend Pearl is the headstrong daughter of Christian Missionaries.

Irrespective of the difference, the new Chinese friend gives the perfect example of an ideal friendship that last through the most disturbed periods in Chinese history.



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