“Will there by any person alive in Delhi in such a situation”, says Supreme Court on waste management

The Supreme court outburst on the waste management authorities today for not managing mountains of garbage collected on landfill sites by saying that even a person will not be able to survive in such a situation and people should instead dump garbage on Lieutenant Governor’s official residence.

The apex court asked details on the plans to manage the solid waste especially on segregation of household waste and the pilot project launched in areas of Defence Colony, Maharani Bagh and Green Park is also on the radar of Supreme Court.

The outrage by the court came as a result of residents complain for the Landfill site which is creating heavy menace to the locality. The national supreme court says that every people has the right to question on the decision of the local authorities and even they should dump the “waste on the Raj Niwas Marg”, which is the official address of Lieutenant Governor.

The bench told, “It is an emergency situation and unfortunately your reactions are not indicating any solution”.

According to a report, about 3,600 tonnes is generated everyday out of which 18,000 tonnes of wastage was thrown at the landfill site.

The bench says, “Ganga Ram Hospital has done a study which says that 50 percent of population of Delhi has a chance of having lung cancer even if they do not smoke”

“The Niti Aayog says that in 2019, there will be shortage of water in Delhi. Will there be any person alive in Delhi in such a situation? 1,800 tonnes a day is huge. What will happen from now till December 2019”, the report added.

The bench suggested to ask for the penalty from those who dump construction debris or even household waste. They said, “You can perhaps have some penalty if people will not follow it (segregation plan). People who create construction debris and a person who pulls down his house should pay for it”.

The issue of the waste management should be handled wisely by the local authorities as it is affecting the people with life threatening diseases at an alarming rate not only in the capital but on national level.


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