Will Homosexuality be a crime? Supreme Court to deliver judgement on Section 377 today

Homosexuality is still a crime in many nations including India but its validity further in future will be decided by the Supreme court today. The Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra will give its final verdict on Section 377 that criminalise homosexuality.

The Apex court has reserved the decision in July after the five-bench judge headed by Chief Justice held marathon hearings. With the final hearing, the top court considered that the social stigma with the ‘gay sex’ will be removed once the Section 377 be changed.

Section 377 was challenged by five high professionals including journalist Sunil Mehta, hotelier Aman Nath, Keshav Suri, Business Executive Ayesha Kapur and classic dancer Navtej Jauhar along with the cooperation of 20 present and former students of IITs.

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Under Section 377, if a person is found having physical relations with the same gender irrespective of male or female will be imprisoned for the lifetime or either for a term with the extension for 10 years. They will also be charged with a fine.

This was not the first when any Indian court is decriminalising homosexuality. Earlier, in 2009, the Delhi High Court labelled Section 377 as illegal claiming it to be a violation of Articles 12,14 and 15 of the constitution.



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