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Why to watch the family entertainer Incredibles 2

The sequel of 2004’s ‘The Incredibles’ is back again titled as Incredibles 2 and unlikely this time, the animation will be on another level with legendary Pixar work on the movie, departure from the other super-hero series by tackling common family issues, stunning and thrilling action scenes. It is a complete package for both the adults and kids and is worth to watch movie.

Incredibles 2 has already been released in United States and will hit the Indian theatre on this Friday. The first part of Incredible came in 2004 when experiments were done on the animation movies and animal characters were dominant but starting a new animation era and gave a radical change, ‘The Incredibles’ was a huge success.

Incredibles 2 is the Pixar 3D computer animated superhero movie. The movie consists of beautifully animated scenes with detailed characters. Pixar which is known for its work of art and developed technology in every movie sets a big platform and expectations are high for it. Incredible 2 had a good story with well-written characters and is authentic to the real things faced by the common people in day-to-day life.

When most superheroes movie is based on hiding the real identity of the main character, Incredible 2 has taken a different approach. The movie has an interesting track of dealing with the family issues like uncaring husband, bossy siblings and exasperated wife.

Mr Incredible, the male senior of the family has to live at home for the care of the children while Elastigirl is busy holding the responsibility of being a superhero. The two big sibling’s violet and Dash are old enough to not to cause any trouble to the dad but the smallest one Jack-jack is creating big troubles for his dad. The movie also revolves with humour spread by the day care activities of dad Bob Parr’s babysitting troubles.



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