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Why Pakistan again rejected by US to facilitate Talks with India?

The long-rivals neighboring country, Pakistan is again rejected by the US to facilitate talks with India. The news is confirmed by Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

Pakistan told to the Washington audience on Wednesday that the two nations will not proceed for the bilateral talks as Pakistan wants the US to initiate it at the first level.

Qureshi said that “When we are asked the US, to play facilitating role. Why do we ask? Simple because we are not engaging bilaterally. And that bilateral disengagement is a distraction”.

He further added, “We want to focus, we want to move on the western side of the border, which we are not being able to because we have to watch our back from eastern side (Of the border with India). That is not the healthy situation to be in. Now can you (United States) facilitate (the talks)? The answer from them is no. They wanted bilaterally. But there is no bilateral movement”.

India is always opposed with the engagements of the third party and involving the US to have the forward talk with Pakistan is not acceptable.

Pakistan Talk - International News- Truecolumn
Pakistan Talk – International News- Truecolumn

The new Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan last month has initiated the talks with external minister Sushma Swaraj followed by the rejection from the Indian side.

Imran Khan in his first speech said “that every step you (India) take towards peace, we will take two. And he meant it. It wasn’t just because it sounded good. It wasn’t to please anyone. He is too blunt a person to please people. He can be very straight and he can be very blunt. But he said that because he feels that way”.

Qureshi said that there will always be spoilers and the element to restrict the bilateral talks between India and Pakistan but we have to see what is beneficial for both the countries.


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