Why Meghan Markel can’t do certain things after marrying Prince Harry

Marrying to a Prince is indeed a dream for every girl from their early childhood but in reality, it is not a fairy tale as it comes with certain restrictions like no more autographs, can’t flaunt bare legs and above all have to end the career. This all rules had already been accepted by the newly wed bride Meghan Markel who give up certain things for marrying the prince.

The royal wedding of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markel has made the world to stop for a while and look at the adorable couple with their ideal love story. They both looked stunning on their big day with Clare Waight keller designer gown of the bride with graphic open bateau neckline with sculpted waist but not only these adorable things she carried that day.

Along with her dress and title as the royal princess, she has to follow some rules after wedding to a royal family. Being as an actress, it is normal to sign autographs for their fans and so do Meghan Markel does in the past, but now she can’t sign even a single autograph as royals are prohibited from signing autographs due to the risk of fraudulent.

The queen is abiding to appear as bare legs as according to the royal rule, you will never see a royal have bare footed and nude stockings and especially at the royal events. Meghan has always been active on the social issues as she has talked and give her opinion over the political matter, but she can’t continue that and is expected to be numb regarding it as per the royal family rule. The rule includes no voting in elections too.

The biggest challenge Meghan faced before marrying to the prince is to give her acting career as soon as she enters into the royal family and the exit plan for the Markel from the film industry has been announced immediately before her engagement.

Travelling solo for Meghan Markel has become a thing of the past as she cannot travel anywhere without her protection officers. According to the royal rule, a royal can have a site visits for the maximum of 40 minutes and they likely will not travel to the same location again.

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