Why Delhi Metro is going for the indefinite strike from June 30

More than 9,000 non-executive employees of Delhi Metro will likely to go on an indefinite strike from June 30 which would result in a complete shutdown of metro services for the Delhites.

The non-executive employees include station controller, maintenance staff, operation staff, train operators and technician who have been protesting since 19 June at various locations of Delhi metro stations. They have been demanding for the high paid salaries, fixed guidelines for sacking an employee only in extreme conditions and right to form the union.

This was not the first time when Delhi metro staff is going for the strike as they had decided to halt the services last year but at the last moment, DMRC management and staff council came to the settlement by series of meetings.

However, the employees have said that last year’s promises were not kept by the DMRC management and they have no option left other than to go for the strike.

Ravi Bhardwaj, DMRC staff council’s secretary said, “Our first demand is that the DMRC staff council be changed to a DMRC employees union as the council is not a constitutional body and so, it does not have any teeth. Other demands include implementation of our Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) as per the 3rd pay revision scale”.

He further added, “There would be no maintenance of trains and trains will not be rolled out of train depots. Station controller would ensure that entry to metro stations is also closed for public”.

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