Whole story behind Thai cave rescue, from impossible to accomplished mission

Few days back, it seems to be an impossible task to save those 13 lives struck in the flooded cave with lack of oxygen and mammoth monsoon season which is on the way but on Tuesday, that mission impossible revert back as the mission accomplished with some positive and expert’s minds gathered from all over the world and uncountable prayers.

An international effort celebrated the victory of death over life by saving those 13 lives on Tuesday with a news conference as soon as the last of the stranded group was out and Thai officials called it as a global cooperation.

The Thai navy SEAL said after completing the mission that, “We are not sure if this is a miracle, a science or what. All the 13 Wild Boars are now out of the cave”.,

On June, a group of 12 boys representing Wild Boars soccer team with their coach were reported as missing but later on, they were found on the Tham Luang Naung Non cave in the northern Thailand.

The most difficult task was to tackle the flooded condition of the cave but the rescue experts and divers gathered from the corners of the world looked up for the planned operation assigning two rescue divers with each boy.

With each live rescued and carried to the hospital along the route to the Chiang Rai Prachanukroh hospital, cheering by the dozen of locals were seen as the ambulance sped up.

Everyone including the Australian cave diving doctor who cleared every child after evacuating from the cave, British divers who discovered the boys on a muddy underground shelves or the Space X CEO Elon Musk who immediately deployed the kid-sized submarine escape pod.

A resident of the Chiang Mai said, “This event brought the people around the world together. It showed that our country and our world are not a bad place after all”.

Unfortunately, 13 lives saved but a life was gone as Former Thai Navy SEAL officer Saman Kunan died while placing air tanks in preparation for the rescue work on Friday but the other officials called him “a hero not only for Thais but for the whole world”.

Jessica Tait, US Air Force captain was inspired by the rescue operation and said, “Every single country that’s here under the leadership of Thai authorities, that’s what made the mission impossible very possible”.

All the boys with their boys were kept under observation due to infection caused by the unhealthy conditions of the cave. Some suffered from cough and scratches and two were being treated from the minor lung infections.

According to Dr Jeseda Chokedamrongsuk, one of the rescued boy had a low body temperature and low heart rate and the boys were restricted to hug their parents due to risk of infection.

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