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WhatsApp, the Social Messaging App launches its new feature

WhatsApp, the instant messaging Whatsapp-Vector-Logo-2app has come up with a new feature “consecutive voice messages”. It has changed the experience of using voice messages. Earlier in WhatsApp, we used to record and listen the voice messages sent to us one to one and now the feature of voice message has been changed. The new “consecutive voice message” feature will automatically play all the voice messages sent in a sequence.

For example, If any user has sent five voice messages to us, after listening to the first voice message the user has to click second voice message only then the user can listen to the subsequent message. But, after the launching of this new feature of WhatsApp, it has become easier for the users to listen the voice messages continuously as the App will automatically play the messages after the first play. Every time the user does not have to play by clicking on the voice message. After the new update of the voice message in WhatsApp, if any user will play voice messages, the user will hear a sound before switching to other, so the user will understand that the first voice message has been played and the user will listen to a second voice message.

With the Updation of WhatsApp’s new voice message feature, the app will automatically detect two audio messages in a row. The app will have two different tones which will be easier for the user to identify that one message is over and second has started. The new feature of WhatsApp has made it easier for the user to use voice messaging. The stable version of an application is not currently available to the end user but will be launched soon.

WhatsApp is one of the most widely used Social Messaging App in the world with features like text messaging, voice messaging, audio and video calls and sharing documents in various formats. This additional feature of “Consecutive Voice Messages” will surely add another feather to its feature list.

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