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WhatsApp Dark Mode: Messaging platform to look very different

WhatsApp one of the world’s most popular messaging application is working on one of the most anticipated features for the mobile platform called Dark Mode.

WhatsApp’s Dark mode will be available for both Android and iOS devices soon.

The most popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp is introducing new features thick and fast and the new Dark mode is expected to further improve the users’ experience and will also reduce the battery consumption of phones, especially the ones with AMOLED displays.

With the help of Dark Mode feature, the background of the chat window will turn dark while the chat, names, WhatsApp icons are all in white. The Dark Mode feature will reduce the strain on the eyes for those who use the app in the dark or at night time.

The WhatsApp Dark Mode has already found its way to Windows 10 PC’s and notebooks. It is also available on Apple’s iPhones with iOS 10 and its computers MacOS Mojave.

The WhatsApp Dark mode is not only easier on eyes but also offer a neat look. People also reported that while running a dark mode on certain applications like YouTube, at 50 per cent screen brightness, consume 14 per cent less battery than when on normal mode. At 100 per cent screen brightness, Dark Mode consumes 60 per cent less battery.

The WhatsApp dark mode feature will benefit the people who constantly send and receive messages. WhatsApp’s Dark mode will reverse the light background to completely dark. This will be a lot easier on the eyes of the user and will also make reading text effortless in the low light conditions.

Dark Mode Feature
Dark Mode Feature | International news

Some of the popular apps which already received the Dark mode feature includes YouTube, Google Maps and Twitter. WhatsApp’s parent Facebook is also set to introduce a similar dark mode for its Facebook messenger.

The Dark mode feature is one of the things that are exciting for the users of the messaging app in 2019.

The Facebook is also introducing a slew of a new feature in 2019 including a Fingerprint Lock feature, redesigned audio picker, sticker integration and 3D Touch to check status updates.



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