What is so good about this ‘Good Friday’

Good Friday is observed on 30 March this year. It is also known as Holy Friday, Black Friday, Ester Friday or Great Friday. But the question is what is so good about this Good Friday. The word ‘Good’ actually means divine or pious. The day is observed to commemorates the crucifixion or hanging of Jesus Christ.

Roman soldiers hanged Jesus to a wooden cross after going through a series of tortures just to carry all the sins of the humans. Jesus was hanged to death  behind the black cloth wrapped cross to save the humanity. The Christians do not celebrate Good Friday. Instead they remember all the sacrifices of the Jesus Christ and his sufferings.

For Christians, Good Friday is a day dedicated for mourning. On this day, shops remain close, dancing, no decoration in church is observed and celebration is totally restricted. Devotees pay their tribute by grieving for two days and keep fast as well.

However, it was believed from the old times to avoid meat on this day as Jesus sacrificed his flesh just for the sake of the people. But, fish is considered to be different kind of flesh as it comes from sea.

After the Good Friday, the coming Sunday is believed to be celebrated as Easter Sunday. Special programmes were organised at the church all across the world.


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