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Vivek Tiwari murder case: New FIR lodge by Vivek’s wife, brings accused constables on forefront

A new FIR has been lodged in the Vivek Tiwari murder case on Sunday accusing the main culprit constables of shooting the Apple executive on early Saturday morning. The second FIR was filed by Vivek’s wife Kalpana Tiwari against the constables Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep Kumar.

The previous FIR was lodged by Vivek’s Colleague and only eyewitness of the incident, Sana Khan who was with Vivek in the car when police shoot the Vivek. However, the statement read on the first FIR was different from the second one thus compelling the SIT team to investigate the murder with the different angle.

Earlier, Sana Khan said that the cop shoot the Vivek when they both were on their way to home from the office. As Vivek was in hurry to drop Sana early to the home safely, he did not stop when the cop stopped them and as a result on which one of the cops shoot him directly and leave them on the spot.

While the second FIR filed by Vivek’s wife said the same incident told by Sana in the first FIR but it was read out that the cop first hit Vivek’s vehicle by lathi while they were in the bike and stop later on by shooting the car on the forefront without any prior warning to both of them.

vivek tiwari murder - national news updates- truecolumn
vivek tiwari murder – national news updates- truecolumn

The second FIR said, “Sandeep sitting on the pillion hit the vehicle with the lathi. In the meanwhile, Prashant rode ahead, parked his bike in the middle of the road, got down and trained his pistol from the front and fired a shot”.

She further said that “Even the sir continued to drive and after about a half a kilometre rammed into a pole. Then I got numb and began shouting for help. Later a police unit came but did not to make a call to my acquaintances. They also gave me a blank paper to sign it. The cop also fabricated their side of the story and mentioned it in the FIR. I overheard them talking to my character and also of sir”.

The second FIR will be hand over to SHO Mahanagar from the hands of the investigation carried out previously by SHO Gomtinagar.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has spoken to Vivek’s family over the phone and give his condolence to the family. Yogi assures every kind of help to the family of the kin and said that Vivek’s family can meet him anytime they want.

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