Viral video of Dutch PM Mark Rutte cleaning up floor after spilling coffee accidently in Parliament

Most politicians in India don’t miss a chance to show their VIP culture to the common public, whether it will be a case of diverting the path of the public and troubling their road journey for hours or making them stand in long queues just for their one look, but it is not true with every other international ministers as on Tuesday, Dutch PM Mark Rutte was seen as cleaning the floor instead of directing to anyone he could.

A video going viral on the internet shows that Netherland PM Mark Rutte accidently drops Coffee from his hand while making a move in the parliament. Instead the PM could direct anyone to clean up the mess, he took the mop and started cleaning up by himself.

After he washes the floor, he also took a piece of cloth to wipe out some stains on the glass. While he was showing his down to earth nature, Parliament’s cleaners cheered him on and helped him, while he struggles to use the mop.The viral video is getting an applauding response from everyone watching it.

The diplomat of the embassy of Netherland, Cess Van Beek twitted for Mark Rutte by saying that he is exactly like that. He is nice and a humble guy as Cess has seen Mark riding bikes multiple time in the Hague.

Mark Rutte is leading the Netherland since 2010 and this was not the first time when he is hitting the internet for his humble act.


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