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US president Donald Trump opens up first time for 20 months in White House

US President Donal Trump is always on the limelight for his straight-forward comments on several political issues but for the first time, he speaks up openly for all his 20 months experience in the White House.

US President said that the world is filled with all lies, deceit and deception and the deals are made with that table.

Donald Trump said, “This is the most deceptive, vicious world. It is vicious, it’s full of lies, deceit and deception. You make a deal with somebody and it’s like making a deal with- that table”.

After comparing his past business experiences, Donal Trump said that those real estate guys are just babies.

He said, “I always used to say the toughest people are Manhattan real estate guys and blah, blah. Now I say they’re babies. I don’t wanna give an example. I am looking to in the meantime, nobody’s been able to do what I’ve been able to do. Remember that. When you look at taxes, you look at regulations, you look at making deals with other countries”.

Donald Trump further said that media is really dishonest and he is not saying as a sound bite. He said that, “Actually, most people didn’t even try because they knew they didn’t have the ability to do it. But it’s a very deceptive world. The other thing I’ve really learned is I never knew how dishonest the media was. I really mean it. I’m not saying that as a sound bite”.

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Talking about the trust issue with anyone in the White House, the president said that he did not trust everybody there.

He said, “I’m usually guarded. And I think I’m guarded anyway. But I’m not saying I trust everybody in the White House. I’m not a baby. It’s a tough business. This is a vicious place. Washington DC is a vicious, vicious place. The attacks, the bad mouthing, the speaking behind your back, but you know, and in my way, I feel very comfortable here”.


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