Unlike others, TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan thinks faster industry’s growth

Many of the leading businessmen in the technology industry thinks that the best days were in the past and when it comes to the growth, India is facing challenging times now in the technology and service sector and the term layoff which was unheard in the past time occupies a common place now but TCS CEO Rajesh Gopinathan thinks differently and sees more growth in the industry now.

Rajesh Gopinathan are a way contrast from his rivals and thinks that they aren’t thinking creatively enough to emerge from the services of the past.

During an interview in office in Mumbai, Gopinathan said, “The industry has been overdoing the negativity. We have the largest technology talent pool in the world- 4lakhs people and if we can’t figure out how to grow from here, then there’s something wrong”.

Rajesh Gopinathan has done an extraordinary work since he assumes the office as the CEO of TCS last year as the stock of the TCS grades up from about $32 Billion to $100 billion that is more than 50 per cent.

His self-centred focus to grow the company’s growth to double-digit even in the tougher times makes him to stand out from other rivals. He says like the adaption for the mobile phones has evolved, the industry should also needs to adapt.

He said, “If the iPhone doesn’t come up with anew model every two years, they will fall off the peak. If they don’t have the luxury of permanence, why should any of us even expect that?”

Gopinathan enters the TCS in 2001 and gets promoted as the Chief Financial Officer in 2013. He always focussed for the training of the employees with classrooms and faculty termed as ‘classroom-in-the-cloud’ which is also easily available through short videos, micro sessions on mobile devices anywhere and anytime.


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