Typhoon Hato hits Hong Kong, Businesses stopped, Streets Flooded

Hong Kong, the Asian financial hub got hit by typhoon Hato, a maximum category 10 storm, on Wednesday with destructive winds and waves which uprooted trees, flooded streets and resulted in most businesses to stop for the day.

Many corporate towers in the heart of the city were evacuated and a lot remained empty as the city’s workers stayed at home due the typhoon. 400 plus flights were cancelled, schools closed and financial markets were suspended as typhoon hato hits down the city. It’s the first category 10 storm to hit Hong Kong since typhoon Vicente in year 2012.

Hato triggered huge waves on some of the city’s most popular beaches resulting in serious flooding in low lying areas of the city. The densely populated areas of the Heng Fa Chuen were smashed by massive waves swamping vehicles parked nearby.

“I’ve never seen one like this,” said Garrett Quigley, a longtime resident of Lantau island. “Cars are half submerged and roads are impassable with flooding and huge trees down. It’s crazy.”

Winds near Hato’s center were recorded at a destructive speed of 155 kmh (95 mph). Sea levels could rise to five meters (15 feet) in some places, forcing the government issue flood alerts. The government is also opening 27 temporary shelters across the city said a senior scientific officer for the Hong Kong observatory.

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