Top highlights of the India’s first ever Global Mobility Summit

India’s first ever Global Mobility Summit was started today on New Delhi with the inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It started with a motive to made India pollution free.

The two-day summit was organised by NITI Aayog and focuses primarily on making India to push towards the public transport. PM Modi speaks about several corner on the first day of Global Mobility Summit-MOVE.

On talking about the encouragement of the public transport, PM Modi said the new business models should include digitization and reinventing the existing one therby focusing on using the scooters and rickshaws instead of cars.

PM Modi said to improve the private vehicle utilization by taking the full advantage of the internet enabled connected sharing economy which is slowing emerging as the main alternative for the private transport users.

On speaking about the motive of 7Cs in Global Mobility Summit, PM clears the vision of mobility in India. The 7Cs includes Common, Connected, Convenient, Congestion-free, Charged, Clean, Cutting-edge.

Prime Minister talked about the vision of Highways in the nation. He said, “We have doubled our pace of construction of highways. We have re-energized our rural road building programme. We are promoting fuel efficient and cleaner fuel vehicles. We have developed low-cost air connectivity in under-served regions”.

“Indeed, India is on the MOVE. Our economy is on the MOVE. We are the world’s fastest growing major economy. Our cities and towns are on the MOVE. We are building 100 smart cities. Our infrastructure is on the MOVE. We are speedily building roads, airports, rail lines and ports”.

Global Mobility Summit is being organised in the presence of more than 2,200 participants from around the world including representatives from the government, industry, think tanks, civil society and researchers. The meet will marked the promotion of using the environmentally friendly vehicles by making aware of the several advantages of using it.

Ahead of the Global Mobility Summit- MOVE, PM Modi tweeted his excitement to attend the event in which he said that, “Tomorrow morning. I look forward to attending MOVE, a special Global Mobility Summit being held in Delhi. This is commendable effort to bring together various stakeholders who are working to improve mobility across platforms and sectors”.



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