To keep you updated, Twitter is now putting live news and events in your timeline and notifications

To keep the users updated with the live events and news happening around us, Twitter is turning to another corner today. This new feature will be add up at the top of the timeline or even in your notifications that twitter believes you’ll be interested in.

The live events will be updated on the top of the main timeline with the big image related to it and a little concise text encouraging you to tap in and explore further about the event.

The redesign comes with a fresh new screen with few interesting features. A brief summary of the live events will be attached at the top and under that, you will be able to see tweets broken out in few categories.

Firstly, the ‘Recap’ option which will let you know about the event in the short and precise way and gets you caught up what you might have missed. After that, ‘Latest’ option which will includes series of the most recent tweets. It will be followed by the other tabs too like ‘Top Commentary’.

The new live event and news videos feature was created by the same team who are working on the Twitter Moments. The team will also restrict all the fake news or abuse from appearing according to the Joanna Geary, the duration at Twitter.

She said, “In a meeting in San Francisco offices with a small group of journalists, she said the new feature won’t be the same thing as hashtags on Twitter, though they may include relevant tweets if a hashtags on twitter, though they may include relevant tweets if a hashtag is appropriate”.

With the updation of the new feature, Twitter Moments are not going anywhere. Instead, they will be share the corner on the explore tab. Unlike Twitter Moments sweeping tweets, the new screens will work by vertical scrolling lists of tweets which is more native for the twitter.

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