To ensure women safety, Indian Railways install ‘Panic button’ in trains


As a part of women safety initiative in trains, North Eastern Railway (NER) have planned to deployed women police personnel during the night hours as well as to install panic buttons in different coaches.

The installed panic button will be connected to the guard coach for reporting any mishappening. Since the last months, several reports of crime against the women have been registered due to which the railway ministry have initiated the immediate step to reach for the protection of women at the emergency situation.

The railway will recruit women personnel in the RPF for the women deployment in the sub-urban trains during the night hours as they are mainly focussing on the ‘women and child safety’ this year.

With the immediate action, women in danger can ask for quick help as compared to the delay process by the helpline numbers by call or SMS and chain-pulling in emergency situation.

Sanjay Yadav, chief PRO of NER, “These buttons, placed at convenient sports for easy reach of women travellers above the electric switches, when pressed will denote the coach where there is emergency and the railway staff present in the train will be informed to promptly attend to the emergency”.

The other measures proposed for the protection of women is to have different colour on the women coaches for easy identification and wire mesh in the windows of ladies’ coaches. The CCTV cameras will also be installed in sub-urban trains with live feed if possible along with cameras on platforms to cover ladies coaches during the delay of the trains.

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