The world’s most expensive bike is worth of 12 crore with diamonds studded, gold-plated parts

Harley Davidson, a brand love for the bike explorers have created a niche for themselves in the Indian market as it was the first premium bike manufacturer to enter the nation in 2009 and now adding up to their list of love, another edition is ready to pick up by very few while look up by many others.

With its recent launching in Switzerland, Harley-Davidson Blue edition is here with a whooping cost of 12 crore or 1.5 million Euro including diamonds and gold as its highlighted parts.The Harley Davidson Blue Edition is commissioned by the Bucherer, a high end swiss and jewellery maker as they are promoting the company’s blue edition watch collection.

The mountain price of 12 crore is worth to invest in the bike as the project to design and produce took 2,500 hours of labour and a year’s time for the final display. The new Blue Edition is embedded with gold plated screws and 360 diamonds studded as well, which makes it a way ahead of the normal and even the exclusive bike collection.

Talking about the engine specifications, the blue edition is powered by a 1.8 litre air-cooled V-Twin with 148 Nm of torque mated with 6 speed gear box. The highlighted part includes the integrated watch on the right side of the fuel tank which has done for the first time from the factory and a ring of 5.40 carat placed at the left half of the fuel tank.

It appears as if the motorcycle is meant to be adore rather than to be used with its sophistications and craftsmanship.

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