The whole story behind the Ball Tampering Row ; Australian PM shocked

When it comes to sports, cheating, ban and scandals doesn’t seem to unfamiliar words for both the players and audience. But when it comes to Australian cricket sport, it seems to be fair until the allegations of ball tampering  imposed last weekend to three of the senior cricket players- Team Captain Steve Smith, vice captain David Warner and Bancroft

Cricket analyst Simon Hughes said, “It is impossible to get away with any of intentional wrong doings in international cricket now. There are 30 cameras watching you and umpires regularly inspecting the ball. There’s always been skulduggery in cricket, but it’s always had this status as a sport where people behave well and respect each other”.

Both Steve Smith and David Warner were banned for 12 months from international as well as domestic cricket while Bancroft gets a 9 months ban.

It all started during the third day of the match played by the Australian team against South Africa. After the lunch break, the Australian team was confirmed to lose the match, so the senior players of the team revised a plan to rough up one side of the ball in order to give a command over the movement of the ball. The technique was done as the South African players were struggling with reverse swing.

However, Smith was ashamed of the blot on him.

In a recent conference he said, “I am not proud of what’s happened. It’s not within the spirit of the game. My Integrity, the team’s integrity, the leadership group’s integrity come into question and rightfully so”.

One of the cameras caught Cameron Bancroft struggling to hide the yellow tape which was formerly used to rub the ball down the front of his pants. The matter become worse when it was confirmed with the slow motion in the replay.

Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull showed his disappointment regarding the whole matter.

He said, “It seemed completely beyond belief that the Australian cricket team had been involved in cheating. After all, our cricketers are role models and cricket is synonymous with fair play. How can the team be engaged in cheating like this? It beggars belief”.


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