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The country faced dangerous power vacuum, could turn into bloodbath, said Sri Lanka’s speaker

Soon after Sri Lanka gets its new president Mahindra Rajapakse, the country is witnessing the violence and the parliament speaker said that the political crisis could turn into the bloodbath in future as the country is right now facing a dangerous power vacuum.

The outrage among the mass begins when the president Maithripala Sirisena dismissed Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe on Friday and instead appointed former strongman Mahindra Rajapakse.

The appointment of the Prime Minister is done without proving any majority on the parliament which lead the dispute of former PM and the president and end up into the political crisis between both.

Parliament speaker Karu Jayasuriya, however, warned that the political dispute should be deal within the parliament and should not be taken into the streets.

srilanka violence - international news - truecolumn
srilanka violence – international news – truecolumn

He said, “We should settle this through parliament, but if we take it out to the streets, there will be a huge bloodbath”. The former PM said that a majority of the lawmakers are on his side and opposition wanted to restore the parliament.

He added further, “At the moment there is a vacuum, no one is in full charge of the country. That is why we want parliament summoned immediately to decide who enjoys the majority. I am still the PM who commands that majority”.

Soon after the president appointed the new PM of the country, he suspended the parliament till November 16 to avoid any challenge of Rajapakse.


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