Thai Cave Rescue: 8 boys rescued, 4 boys with the coach are still trapped

Rescue workers is all set for the third round of operation to save the remaining boys with their soccer team coach fighting against the time and monsoon weather. Earlier, 4 boys were carried out from the cave on the second round of rescue operation bringing the total to eight boys after two successive operations.

According to the rescue team, they have learned from the past experience and were two hours in advance for bringing the second round of rescue operation as the risks of monsoon and heavy rains is still flooding the tunnels with water.

People around the Thailand cheered up for the rescue operation including the Mai Sai Prassitsart scholl students where six students of the trapped belongs to.

One of the students of the same school said, “I am very happy about those who already made it out and I think everyone will be out today. I want to take my friends to lunch and we will play football together”.

The rescued as well as the trapped boys were also invited by the FIFA president to watch the World Cup final in Moscow on Sunday if everything goes well for the rest of the trapped boys.

According to the rescue workers, they need 20 hours to replan the next mission which will be executed from the Tuesday afternoon and they will try their try their best to bring out the other five out in the third push.

The Thai Cave rescue has grabbed the international intention with the rescue divers, engineers and medics flying around the world to assist to those plight boys.

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