Thai Cave boys will make first television appearance today

All the 12 boys with their coach recently rescued from the Thai Cave will make their first television appearance today through a news conference in Chiang Rai.

The boys who were suffering from the skin ailments and infections were kept in hospital of Chiang Rai since they were rescued with the international efforts from the Tham Laung cave complex in Chiang Rai.

The news conference will be arranged by the Thai government on its “Thailand Moves Forward” and it will be of 45 minutes at the Chiang Rai’s provisional hall at around 6 pm local time.

However, some of the Thai officials joked about the Boys appearance which will help to increase the ratings of the dull television shows that are reserved for the conversations of the military government’s performance.

A presenter of the VOICE TV said, “This is the story all Thais want to hear. Don’t switch it off, don’t put it on mute. It should help the Thailand Moves Forward’s show’s ratings shoot through the roof”.

The much anticipated appearance will attract the international reporters as well who will arrive on the venue for the news conference.

The visitors are welcomed at the airport with posters displaying cartoon similar to the faces of the rescuers titled as “Our Heroes”.

As per the officials, a list of already prepared questions asked to the Boys and their coach is submitted in advance. The officials have also requested to the media to maintain Boys’ privacy after they were discharged as it would impact their mental’s health.

Tawatchai Thaikaew, permanent secretary at Justice Ministry said, “The media know that the children are in a difficult situation, they have overcome peril and if you ask risky questions then it could break the law. We don’t know what wounds the kids are carrying in their hearts”.

Not only the doctors and the staff of the hospital checked the health of the boys with their soccer coach but even the small vendors continuously prayed for their health.

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