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Telangana Honour killing: Amrutha fights back against father, three held by police

Two lovers were separated forever because of the strong rooted caste system in our society. Pranay, who belonged to a Dalit community was killed brutally in the broad daylight on Friday just because he married Amurtha by going against the caste system. However, Miryalguda Police has booked three people including Amrutha’s father for the honour killing of Pranay so far.

The honour killing of Pranay led to the mass outrage among the crowd of Telangana and streets were flooded with people chanting loudly to protest against the inhuman approach towards the inter-caste marriages in the society.

Well-wishers and friends are visiting Pranay’s house to pay respect to the innocent 24-year old Pranay. The family is in depression but Pranay’s wife Amrutha is still standing strong and accused his father and uncles of killing his husband. she is determined to give justice to his husband.

Amrutha said, “How can someone be killed for loving and marrying as per their choice? Who gave him (her father) the right to kill Pranay? We can uproot caste system only through inter-caste marriages and by encouraging such marriages. It should happen the way BR Ambedkar envisioned it and we must challenge the brutal and inhuman caste system”.

Recalling her past times with Pranay, she said that Pranay was always against the casteism and want to end it.

She added, “I will fight till the end to get justice for Pranay. He always said that caste differences among people should end and casteism should go. There should never be the situation where a person faces difficulties because of their caste. That is what I will fight for now”.

Within an hour of Pranay’s murder, his father had lodged an FIR against Amrutha’s father and her uncles after which the Telangana Police started their investigations.

telangana honour killing - national news - truecolumn
telangana honour killing – national news – truecolumn

The culprit has been registered under sections 302 (murder), 120b (Party to a criminal), 34 (acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Section 3 of the Scheduled caste and scheduled tribe (Prevention atrocities) Act 1989.

Amrutha and Pranay married on January this year by going against the regular and cruel caste system followed by which Amrutha’s father who is an influential politician threatens both of them and even pushed them to the police station.

However, police freed Amrutha and Pranay claiming that they both are adult and want to live with each other after which both stayed together in Pranay’s house.


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