Students of class 12th and 10th seeks help to CBSE helpline in bulk

Students of class 12th and 10th are rushing for the CBSE helpline no. -1800-11-8004 on exam-related stress as well on personal issues like memory loss, ill-treatment by the parents or even on teenage break-ups as the exams are on its door-steps.

Recently, 91 counsellors are working with the student’s queries in India and abroad. According to them, the most frequently asked questions are related to memory loss, exam stress, inability to concentrate and career options, but the questions doesn’t end here as many are also seeking help for their personal issues.

A class 12th student asked to a Delhi-based counsellor, “I had a break-up recently and I don’t feel like studying at all. I can’t think about anything else but her”.

The counsellor said that the most common question is, “how to remember what I have studied?”. They said the real trouble student face while preparing for the exam is to memorize what they have already studied.

Chend trehan, a Jammu-based psychologist and counsellor with CBSE said, “I get many calls where students complain about forgetting what they have studied. It is fear of the unknown (exam) that makes them go blank. I ask them to focus on certain topics in one day and revise”.

CBSE hire counsellors from different cities who are also currently working as private and government teachers and counsellors.

A CBSE official, “we have a database of all counsellors known for their work and we write to them if they can work with us. Many of them have been working with us for years. A training session is held with them before the helpline is made functional”.

This year, about 20 lakh students will give the class 10th and 12th board exams.

Sometimes, the counsellor like Sona Kaushal Gupta gets totally blank when they get a call of student attempting suicide and unable to cope up with the exam pressure.

The student told Gupta, “my life has no meaning and I want to end it. My parents are not home so I am going to do it now”.Gupta added, “she said her parents are well educated and they live in a society where education, and especially science education, is considered a measure of success. She was forced to take a science stream even though she wanted to study humanities and become a writer”.


Gupta tried to resolve the matter by calling her parents and saying, “I appreciated her creative writing abilities and asked her to take the exam and pursue writing after class 12”.

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