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Strict action by Kerala cops on Sabarimala temple protestor, 1,400 arrested, crackdown continues

Just after a day, the Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan called for a high-level meeting with the senior officials of the state, Kerala cops started their crackdown action and arrested around 1,400 people involved in the Sabarimala temple protest. They are still in the search of more people involved in the violence.

Earlier, the Supreme Court on September 28 had ordered to eradicate the many year’s practices of barring the women of age group 10-50 years from entering into the temple but the people in huge number did not follow the order and stop women to worship Lord Ayyappa later on in the temple.

During the monthly worship time from October 17 to October 22, the protesters in the masses made sure to do not let the women enter into the temple despite the apex court order as they considered it a blot to the famous temple.

The mass caused every possible damage from destroying public property, threatening public servants from following their duties and attacking people to stop entering into the temple.

The security personnel tried they best to stop the dominant action by the protestor but nothing worked at that time. So, PM called for a high-level meeting to take strict action against all those involved.

sabarimala temple - national news updates- truecolumn
sabarimala temple – national news updates – truecolumn

Collectively, the police have registered 258 cases against 2000 people involved in the protest and till now arrested people from Ernakulam, Kozhikode, Thiruvananthapuram and elsewhere under the orders of district police chiefs.

However, BJP members criticized the widespread protest and said that they would take the huge level marches across the state on Friday. All the arrested will be presented before the Judicial First Class Magistrate at Ranni.

Besides the massive arrest, the police had earlier arrested five people who barred a right activist from entering into the temple and they are booked under the IPC Section 332 and 353 for intentionally hurting a public servant who was doing his job.

Deputy Superintendent of Police, S. Madhusoodanan with the arrest said, “Since they have moved for anticipatory bail, we are awaiting the court order before recording the arrest”.


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