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Some Best Android Phone Games of 2018

Mobile games are the best departure from the daily hectic schedule for anyone and it is available in uncountable numbers for which you have to either pay or even enjoy for free. So, here are some best Android games of 2018 which should not be overlooked despite having the entry fee.

Asphalt 9: Legends

It is based on the premium racing theme consisting of tons of licensed vehicles with the additional and tempting killer graphics. The multiple control system in the game will give you an option to change from the default. The cars drives themselves in the control mode.

The most challenging as well as enjoyable task at the same time is the tilt and tap steering option and the gameplay relies on nitro boosts. Asphalt 9 is fast and free and if you want to drive your favourite car, either you have to do a lot of grinding or to spend a few dollars.

Bendy in Nightmare Run

The name itself is sufficient to know what should be there in the game as it revolves around endless running and fighting with your enemies. The game is based on the 1920’s cartoon style where you jump and sprint to stay ahead.

You will face the enemies with weapons and stay them apart. At a point, you may lose but you’ll collect some coins that will help to unlock some more stages and powers. The game will cost you either nothing or $0.99 to $54.99 according to different versions of the games.


It is one of the most popular games of Android phones in 2018 and based on the battle with royal shooting style. Here, you have to target the enemies on the maps with weapons like guns, traps and big axes. As soon as the enemies shrink, the maps do gets smaller.

Fortnite is not available on play store and you have to join beta and download it  from the Epic Games. The game is available either for free or will cost you some penny according to the different versions.

Battleheart 2

Those who want to experience the real battlefields like king, Battleheart 2 is the best game for them as it simply lets you to join the battlefield and fight with your bad enemies. The most fun part in the game is to fight by making your squad by handling them the gear and weapons to crush those baddies.

Simply tap, drag and direct the characters to attack the enemies and be alert to use the special power on the right time. By each win, you will collect the gold and gear to power up your squad. The visuals of the game is clear and no pop up adds arise to spoil the fun of the game. It is available for just $3.99.


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