Severe dust storm and rain kills 90 and injured 260 in Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan

A severe dust storm followed by the thunder showers kills 90 people and injured more than 160 others in the states of Uttar Pradesh on Wednesday. However, chief Ministers of the respective states announced compensation to all the victims of the havoc.

In Uttar Pradesh, 64 people dead including 160 injured due to the high-density dust storm. The higher casualties are registered in Agra and Lucknow leaving 43 dead mainly due to the collapse of the houses. In states like Bijnapur, Saharanpur and Bareily, nine others lost their lives.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath have announced the compensation of Rs 4 Lakh each to the victim’s family killed in the storm. He has directed the officers to initiate the relief work as soon as possible by providing medical aid to the victims.

The major casualties were also recorded in Rajasthan where 33 people were died and 100 injured after the strong winds and dust storms. Districts like Alwar, Bharatpur and Dholpur leaves destruction of lives with the uprooting of more than 100 trees.

The major destruction occurs in Alwar district after the electricity poles fell thus cutting down electricity power supply. However, incidents of fire were also reported thereby adding worries for the district administration.

Hemant Kaur, Secretary Disaster Management and relief agency of Jaipur reported that the rescue work of the teams formed to clear the debris and restore the power have already been started. He said the government has declared the compensation of Rs 4 Lakh to the family members of the deceased, Rs 2 Lakh for the person suffered from 60% injuries while Rs 60,000 for those who suffered from 40 to 50% injuries.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his condolences for those who perished in the storms.

He twitted, “Saddened by the loss of lives due to dust storms in various parts of India. Condolences to the bereaved families. May the injured recover soon. Have asked officials to coordinate with the respective state governments and work towards assisting those who have been affected”.

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