Seven essential WhatsApp features you be should aware of

The free messaging and voice calling WhatsApp is used by 1.5 million active users. With the wide use and the technological advancement, the developers keep on improving its features for a better experience. But, if you are unaware of the updated features then you are definitely missing an enhance messaging reality.

Therefore, here are some of the additional features rolled for your convenience :-

  • Deleting message – If you often have regrets to send the wrong message in private chats or group messages, then you use the delete option where you delete easily the sent messages. This option will also be applicable on deleting images, GIF’s, status, voice messages, videos. The recipient wouldn’t get the message saved in the history.
  • Group video calling – Just like the group chat, you can also experience the group calling option which includes maximum of four members now. It will also be available on iOS and Windows 10 mobile users.
  • For business development – WhatsApp have rolled this feature for the businessman to have proper interaction with their customers. It will verify the profile firstly after which certain features like greeting messages and quick replies will be applicable.
  • UPI Based payment option – This new option comes in the version 2.18.93 with two options- one is QR code scanning screen which will allow to send money to those in the contact list with UPI PIN verification. The another one is from UPI ID payment option.
  • Playing YouTube Videos – You can also play YouTube videos anytime on WhatsApp chat windows. The option will appear in a tine bubble and with a single click, you can enjoy the videos with an additional feature of increasing and decreasing its size.
  • Describe your group – After creating a group, we usually run to give it a name earlier but now you can describe your group too. With this feature, details of the group can give publicly so that members can read it before joining the group.
  • Attach stickers of time and location with share photos – While sharing photos with the friends and family members, you can attach interesting stickers of time and location with it.


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