Section 377: Not only India but Global media too celebrates the historic judgement

The Supreme Court on Thursday gives a historic judgement by decriminalising Section 377 which allows homosexuality to be legal in India for the last 158 years along with the 124 other countries worldwide. The decision was taken by the five-judges bench headed by Chief Justice Deepak Mishra who consider Section 377 as irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary.

As the nation, especially the LGBT community welcomes the Supreme Court’s decision, here’s how International media throws the limelight on the most viral news of decriminalising homosexuality.

The Pakistan’s dawn newspaper read out the full details of the epic judgement which read, “A constitutional bench of India’s Supreme Court on Thursday legalised same-sex relations between consenting adults, but the move poses a challenge in a country where social mores prohibit heterosexual ties hidebound castes or between religious communities”.

While the US Newspaper ‘The Washington’ thinks that the technological advancement is clearly reflected in this decision in India where five years ago the same decision was upheld.

“The judgement reflects rapid social change in India, where only five years ago the top court upheld the same law. Economic and technological changes have spurred shifts in thinking too. Cheap smartphones and mobile data opened young Indians to global trends and dating apps”.

The international media consider that the decision will definitely bring changes in the mindset like said by BBC channel, UK which says, “But laws almost play an important role in changing mindsets, and by recognising community’s right to love, the Supreme Court has restored the dignity denied to them for a very long time”.

Section377 | Breaking News - truecolumn
Section377 | Breaking News – truecolumn

The technology giant country China too covered the breaking news from India and gives special place to their daily newspaper. China’s newspaper Global Times describe that, “India’s supreme Court legalized gay sex in a historic judgement Thursday apparently scrapping the 158 year old colonial era law that criminalized homosexuality”.

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