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Sarahah App Craze: Things you should know before using it

There is a new viral hit on the web called Sarahah. It’s a mobile device app, which has become very popular, especially with Facebook crowd that seems to be loving it. Sarahah is an application which can be downloaded by both Android and iOS users, easily available on google play store. The app hit the play store in February, and within few months, it has spread like wild fire. The reason behind the app going popular is its simplicity and uniqueness. All we need to do is sign up for it and then share ID with friends to get messages.

Sarahah is an Arabic term which means honesty. This is an unidentified messaging app that lets people send messages to any person who has installed the app.

However, considering the fact that people have the freedom to send anonymous messages to anyone, there are reports that some people are misusing the app. Some users are taking it as a game and fooling around with friends. There are some major drawbacks in Sarahah app.

  1. The privacy concern is a major setback of using Sarahah app. Many users have complained of getting hurtful and objectionable messages from anonymous visitors.
  2. A series of numerous posts are frequently updated on news feeds.
  3. Many female users complained that they receive body shaming comments and became victim of cyber bullying.

Although we have privacy options to hide profile from search options, but people are getting hurt by using it. Sarahah app is a big innovation of Zain Al-Abidin from Saudi Arabia with both positive and negative aspects subject to user’s discretion.

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