Rs. 9000 crore fraudster Vijay Mallya says, ‘It’s my right to vote in Karnataka election’

The lawbreaker billionaire and Rs 9000 crore fraudster Vijay Mallya appears in a United Kingdom Court on Friday for his ongoing extradition trial. During his trail, when he was asked about the voting in upcoming Karnataka elections, Mallya said that it is my democratic right to vote in Karnataka, but he cannot travel.

He said, “It is my democratic right to vote in Karnataka but as you know I am here and cannot travel. I had the proud privilege of representing Karnataka, but I am far removed now. I haven’t been following the politics so closely”.

The 62-year-old 9000 crore fraudster Vijay Mallya skipped the country in March 2016 as the result of the efforts from the several banks to recover the Rs 9000 crore loans to his collapsed Kingfisher Airline.

Vijay Mallya is currently on a 650,000 pounds bail since his arrest on an extradition warrant by the Scotland Yard in April Last year.

However, on the last hearing on March 16, the judge of the court noticed that it was also the fault on the Indian banks part as the rules were broken while sanctioning loans to the Kingfisher Airlines owner Vijay Mallya.

The judge said, “There are clear signs that the banks seem to have gone against their own guidelines in sanctioning some of the loans”.

Thus, the allegations against the Indian Banks will invite the Indian authorities to explain the case particularly some of the bank officials who led the conspiracy allegations against Vijay Mallya.

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