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Rising star XXXTentacion chart-Topping US Rapper shot dead at 20

XXXTenaction, a 20-year-old rising star who was on the top of the US chart this year was declared as dead by the Florida authorities on Monday. The incident took place near the motorcycle store in Deerfield Beach in the north of Miami as confirmed by the Broward country sheriff’s department.

Jahseh Onfroy, famously known as the XXXTenaction was gunned down by 2 men with the motive of apparent robbery attempt after which he was immediately taken to Lauderdale-area hospital and was pronounced as dead.

The rapper had been at RIVA Motorsports checking out inventory and was in black BMW i8 when two armed men approached him. One of them open fired at XXXTenaction while the other fled the scene in a dark SUV. No arrest has been registered in the case yet.

One of the neighbourhood at the murder scene, Stephanie Martinez has heard the three shots back-to-back while she was coming back with her kids from the pool and drove to the end of the street where she found the rapper’s body in the car.

She said, “He has his mouth open and his hand out. Two people went over and checked his pulse. It’s just weird because he should’ve has security and stuff with him”.

XXXTenaction got the fame after he uploaded songs on sharing site SoundCloud where his hip-hop style was dominative expressing his depression and past crimes. His second album titled as “?” was at the top in the billboard album chart in March.

At a young age, XXXTenaction faced much controversy as in 2016, he was arrested on the charges of the home invasion for 2015 incident and At the time of his recent second album release, he was facing trial on the charges of beating up his pregnant ex-girlfriend.


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