Renuka Chowdhury support Saroj Khan’s comment on Casting Couch

Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury support Saroj Khan’s comment on casting couch saying that no field or work place is immune to Casting Couch and it happens everywhere which is a bitter truth.

Chowdhury said, “It is not just in film industry. Casting Couch happens everywhere, and it is the bitter truth. Don’t imagine that Parliament is immune or other work places are immune to it. It is time that India stood up and said, ‘Me Too’”.

‘Me Too’ is a social movement started on social media platform to end sexual assault against the women last year in October. It was initiated by US actor Alyssa Milano who encouraged women to say openly about their bitter experience regarding sexual assault in twitter thus giving a sense of magnitude of the problem to the world.

Renuka Chowdhury comment comes in response to the statement said earlier by the Bollywood choreographer Saroj Khan who said that at least Casting Couch gives livelihood to the women and not just discard the women after rape.

She later apologized for the comment where she said, “Government ke log karte hain to film industry ke peeche kyu pade ho? Wo to roti to bhi deti hai, rape karke chorr to nhi deti”.

She further added, “What a woman wants depends on her, if she does not want to be a victim then she won’t be one. If you have your art, why would you sell yourself? Do not blame the film industry, it is what provides us our livelihood”.

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