Railways to upgrade 70 stations, Rs 50,000 crore projects ahead of Lok Sabha Election 2019

A top government officials known by the upcoming railway projects said that the Indian Railways is planning to upgrade 70 railway stations along with delivering several railways projects worth of at Rs 50,000 ahead of the Lok Sabha Election 2019.

The projects includes installation of CCTV cameras at the major railway stations and on 168 premium trains, stretches of the 3300km railway tracks and launch of the first indigenous high-speed trains.

One of the official familiar with the planning said, “We’re working on the list of deliverables before April 2019, and there would be a visible difference in Indian Railways”.

As a part of the different projects, India first semi-high speed train will complete its testing on tracks by the end of the September this year while it will be replaced by the Shatabdi trains soon and Within the next six months, installation of 5 lakh CCTV cameras would be completed.

The first phase to lay the 3300 km railways tracks on the western corridors covering routes from Dadri to Jawahar Lal Nehru (1500 km) and eastern corridors including tracks from Ludhiana, Punjab to Dankuni, West Bengal would be completed by this year.

The railway ministry is also planning to start the construction of the India’s first bullet train by the starting of the next year at 534 km route of Ahmedabad-Mumbai high speed corridor.

The upgradation of the major railway stations includes Delhi, Shimla, Mathura, Varanasi, Pune, Bangalore, Varanasi, Dehradun and many others across the country.

Along with the old proposed projects, railway ministry is planning to extend the lease period of the private contractors who wish to invest in the redevelopment projects.

A ministry upgraded with the matter said that, “We have prepared a cabinet not that proposes extending lease period for concessionaires to 99 years from existing 45. They will also be allowed to sublease the land”.


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