Rahul Gandhi said Rafale deal ‘globalised corruption’, warns ‘big bombs’ soon

In the series of attacks against PM Modi against Rafale deal, Rahul Gandhi on Friday add up another allegations by saying that Rafale deal as ‘globalised corruption’ and it will soon drop a buster big bombs in the few weeks.

In his twitter handle, Rahul Gandhi said that “Globalised corruption. This Rafale aircraft really does fly far and fast! It’s going to drop some big bunker buster bombs in the next couple of weeks”.

A long and seems to be not ending war between PM Modi led BJP government and Rahul Gandhi led Congress party seems to be erupted over the Rafale deal and congress continuously attacked the ruling government for benefitting the big industrialist of the country.

On Thursday, many congress leaders including P Chidambaram and Rahul Gandhi questioned the government’s move on demonetisation by saying that it had claimed more than 100 lives and take away thousands of jobs for the daily earners.

They said that more than 99% of the currency is returned back to the banking system, then how the government is able to control the terrorism and corruption funding.

Rahul Gandhi further stressed upon forming joint parliamentary committee into the Rafale deal and want the country to know “what is the deal between the Prime Minister and businessman Anil Ambani”.

He claimed that Modi target was to help the “big crony capitalists who have marketed him by handing over the money snatched from the pockets of common people”.


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