Pradyuman Murder Case: Class XI student arrested for the murder happened in Ryan International School

NEW DELHI: The Ryan Murder case has a new turning point after a class XI student (Boy) of the school was taken under arrest, from his residence in Sohna, by the CBI.

Sources stated that the student was taken in for interrogation by the CBI on Tuesday night. He was charged under the Section 302 of the IPC.

The Student’s father told he was informed by the CBI late Tuesday night about the arresting of his son. He stated, “The CBI questioned him the whole day an did not let me meet him. Around 11 pm, they told me that he has murdered Pradyuman.”

Since the arrested student is a Juvenile, the report cannot reveal the name of the accused or his parent. According to Section 19 (A) of the Juvenile Justice Act, information by the police officer-in-charge on arrest needs to be given to the parent/guardian and probation officer.

Pradyuman’s father Mr Varun Thakur accused the Gurgaon-based school’s authority for its recklessness and told CNN News18, “I can only say that what happened because of school’s carelessness. We never thought any student can be involved in this case.”

Days after the killing happened, Gurgaon police had arrested the bus conductor, who till now was a school bus conductor at Gurgaon’s Ryan International School, was believed to be the prime suspect in the murder of the seven-year- old Pradyuman.

Although, the Gurgaon Police even claimed that they had managed to secure a confession from the bus conductor-Ashok Kumar.

On this, the conductor’s family claimed that he was being framed.

It was after the continued pressure from the parents that the government of Manoharlal Khattar in Haryana transferred the murder case to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

The class 11 student has been charged with Section 302 of IPC which deals with the punishment for heinous crime such as Murder.

Now as per the Juvenile Justice Act, if a juvenile between the ages of 16 to 18 years old commits a “heinous” offence, they may be taken as an adult based on the JJ Board’s Assessment.

An offence is classified as a heinous offence if the term of punishment is seven years old or above. The JJ Board’s decision on whether to treat the juvenile as an adult is preceded by a preliminary inquiry to assess the following things:

  • Physical and Mental capacity to commit such an offence.
  • Ability to understand the penalties for the offence and situation in which the person allegedly committed the offence.

The JJ Act instructs that in order to complete the assessment, the Board can take the support of relevant experts, such as experienced psychologists. It is also clarified that the initial assessment is not a trial.

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