PM strongly disapproves toppling of statues in Tamil Nadu and Kolkata

After several political thinker’s statue was toppled across the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed disapproval of vandalization.

He said that “such incidents of vandalism across all parts of the country should be strongly disapproves”.

BJP party leader H Raja yesterday tweeted showing a strong dislike for the communist Party icon Periyar’s statue saying that he is an anti-caste man and his statue should also be razed. Following his tweet, a man almost tried to do the same.

The violence didn’t stop here as seven men were arrested in Kolkata for vandalising Shyama Prasad Mukherjee’s statue. Mukherjee was the founder of the Jan Sangh, the parent of the BJP party.

However, the BJP leader deleted his tweet immediately after the destruction of Periyar’s statue.

He showed his  regret for what was posted and the violent action happened later on was not in his knowledge.

The central authority releases an advisory for all the states to take strict actions against those who will further indulge in such destructive violence.

With the motive of the revenge, an unidentified man dropped two kerosene bombs on the BJP office in Coimbatore. The incident took place at the early morning today. As per the released guidelines by the centre, police force has been deployed around the 27 statues in Chennai. The security nearby office area has been strengthened also.

Vandalising of the Periyar’s statue took place Soon after a BJP leader tweeted in Tamil about showing unfamiliarity regarding Lenin and his connection with India. He said, who is Lenin and what is the connection between him and India. How he relates to the communists also. Lenin statue was vandalised in Tripura. Tomorrow, the same fate will happen to the EVR Ramasamy’s statue.

The violence across the nation started from Tripura when BJP party was celebrating the victory of the elections and a Bulldozer razed Lenin statue following by the order of hooligans. The action was later on opposed by Tripura’s Governor Tathagata Roy and MP Subramanian Swamy.

Senior BJP leader Ram Madhav also shows disregard towards the Communist revolutionary hero by saying, “Lenin is a foreigner and, in a way, a terrorist, there shouldn’t be a statue of this sort of person in our country? They are welcome to put that statue inside the Communist Party headquarters and worship if they so wish”.

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