‘PM Modi will be killed, India will disintegrate’, Hafiz Saeed follower instigate public during Ramzan

The 2008 Mumbai attack mastermind and the banned Jamaat-ud-Dawa (Jud) supremo Hafiz saeed close follower Mualana Bashir openly instigate the public gathering during the Ramzan month against PM Narendra Modi by saying that he will be killed, and India will be disintegrated at the public platform.

He said, “Flag of Islam will be hoisted in India and America. Modi will be killed. India and Isreal will get disintegrated as more and more martyrs will be produced”.

The senior Jud functionary Maulana Bashir Ahmad Khaki provoked the listeners while speaking at Friday Sermon in Rawalakot city of Poonch district which is a Pakistan occupied Kashmir (POK).

Trying to divert the gathering’s minds, Ahmad Khaki said, “Ramadan is the pious month of ‘jihad-o-Qital’ (jihad and killing). Those who attain martyrdom while waging jihad, doors of heaven remain open”.

He further added, “Jud cadres are still waging jihad in Kashmir and fighting with Indian forces in kashmir. They are waging jihad for freedom of Kashmir and destruction of India. Urged participants to raise flag of ‘jihad’ against infields”.

The Jud head Hafiz saeed currently carries American bounty of USD 10 million on his head and has been under the house arrest from January to November. The US administration led by the President Donald Trump has supported the Pakistan’s military forces with the amount of $2billion so as to act on home-grown terror elements.


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