PM Modi on a three-nation tour to Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa

To further strengthen the relations with the African continent, PM Modi is on the three-nation tour started on Monday. On the five-day tour, the first leg of Modi’s visit will be at Rwanda which is the first ever visit by any Indian PM after which he will proceed to Uganda and will undertake engagements from July 24 to 25. The final leg of Modi’s visit will end up in South Africa at the BRICS summit.

A statement is released by the Ministry of the External Affairs according to which Modi’s visit to Rwanda and Uganda will encounter bilateral talks with the presidents of both the countries followed by the delegation level talks and India business communities.

The African continent of Rwanda having population less than that of Delhi will be gifted by the 200 cows by Modi in an event on Girinka (one cow per family) and after that Modi will attend a national social protection scheme of Rwanda initiated by the Rwandan president Paul Kagame.

PM Modi will be the first Indian Prime Minister to visit Uganda in over 20 years. Modi will address the parliament of Uganda after which he will attend the BRICS summit in South Africa from July 25 to 27.

Besides attending BRICS summit, sideline meeting with the Participatory BRICS countries are planned where the issues like health and vaccines, peacekeeping, sustainable development and inclusive growth will be the core agenda.

Speaking about the relationship with the African countries, MEA statement said, “India shares close, warm and friendly relations with Africa which are cemented by robust development partnership and a large presence of the Indian diaspora”.

The statement further added, “Africa has been the top priority of India’s Foreign policy. The visit of the Prime Minister to Rwanda, Uganda and South Africa will further strengthen our relations with the African Continent”.

Relations with the African Countries is intensified over the last few years and as many as 23 outgoing at the Prime Minister, President and Vice-President level is seen.


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