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PM Modi and Donald Trump discuss Afghanistan’s Trade Deficit

On Monday, PM Modi and Donald Trump discussed prospects for increasing cooperation in Afghanistan, the India-US strategic partnership, trade deficit, cooperation in defence, and security issues with India over the telephone call.

The office of White House said in a statement that   “Both the leaders have agreed to strengthen the US-India strategic partnership in 2019 and to exchange perspectives on how to reduce the US trade deficit with India, expand security and prosperity in the Indo-Pacific, and increase cooperation in Afghanistan.”

Earlier in 2018, Both PM Narendra Modi and US President Donald Trump had a talk for  India-US strategic partnership.

The official said, that the Union Government has strike tariffs on the import of steels and aluminium from India and as a part of Trump’s drive to reduce the US deficit and to boost American Manufacturing Job.

PM Modi and US President Donald Trump also taken a positive side for growing bilateral cooperation in defence, counter-terrorism, and energy and coordination on regional and global issues. They have also agreed to continue to work towards further strengthening bilateral ties in 2019.

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last year, the Government of India had announced higher duties on several goods imported from the US in retaliation to Trump’s decision to impose heavy tariffs on steel and aluminium imports and last  year in the month of August, the US had imposed a preliminary anti-dumping duty of 50.55% on metal pipes imported from India, China and four other countries in a move to protect the American steel industry and lower trade deficit.

In December 2018, The US President Donald Trump announced to withdraw nearly 7,000 troops from Afghanistan.

A senior defence official had said that the move was an effort to make Afghan forces more reliant on their own troops.

With the reduction in military presence in Afghanistan, the United States would almost certainly have to reduce its missions, which include training and advising Afghan forces and waging an air campaign against the Taliban and other militant groups.

The official tweeted ” PM Modi & US President  Donald Trump took positive note of growing bilateral cooperation in defence, counter-terrorism&energy and coordination on regional and global issues. They agreed to continue to work together for further strengthening India-U.S. bilateral relations in 2019″.

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