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Pilot escapes death, IAF’s ageing MiG-27 fighter Jet crashes near Jodhpur

Another incident of the ageing Indian Air Force’s MiG-27 fighter Jet crash took place on Tuesday Morning in Jodhpur, Rajasthan during a routine mission. However, luckily the pilot of the fighter Jet safely escapes death on time.

Soon after the incident, Indian Air force ordered an inquiry into the matter. There are still two fighter jet available presently in the MiG-27 fighter Jet series and they are in the process of being phased out on next year.

Deputy Commissioner of the Jodhpur, Amandeep Singh said that the police officials have reached to the spot and blocked off the area.

Another incident of the MiG-27 fighter jet crash was reported on June this year when it crashed down in the residential area of Jodhpur. At that time also, the pilot escapes safely and there was no loss of life. However, two houses and a vehicle parked near by were damaged badly due to the crash.

On November last year, another Mig-27 fighter jet’s tyre burst while landing at the Jodhpur airport and much longer time was taken than expected to remove it from the runway.

A sources at that time said that, “The incident involves a MiG-27 while landing, the aircraft’s tyre burst and there was problem with its landing gear. As a result, the plane’s nozzle hit the ground. It is taking the longer time that expected to remove the aircraft from the runway”.

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