“Pichle Kareeb kareeb 20 saal se main daily 1kg-2kg gaaliyan khaata hun”, says PM Modi in London

In response to the series of questions asked in the townhall event at the Central Hall Westminister on Wednesday, PM Modi showcase his extraordinary ability to address the audience by giving his past experience for all the questions asked by the Indian audience gathered there. He had earlier Met the supremo of UK Theresa May and held bilateral talks with her.

When a turbaned man asked PM Modi about the secret of his stamina.

He said, “There are many ways of answering the question. Pichle Kareeb Kareeb 20 saal se main daily 1kg-2kg gaaliyan khata hun”.

The ‘Bharat ki Baat, sabke sath’ programme was streamed live from London for the domestic audience moderated by lyricist and censor board chief Prasoon Joshi.

Speaking about detailed account of his job in the past four years, he turns all the criticism against him into compliments and dreams to build a new India besides engaging himself in the dirty politics.

Modi said, “In any phone, parents love all their children equally but when there’s a job to be done they give responsibility to the one who works hard and delivers, knowing that the job will get done”.

He further added, “People have apeksha(expectation) because there is bharosa (faith). I am happy people expects more from us. They do so because they trust me to take India forward. They are no longer happy with incremental change”.

Targeting to middle-class audience, Modi said that it’s okay to aspire and impatient at the same time because aspiration will bring the desire with it while impatience in the one will make the change quickly.

While speaking about the change in attitude, Modi speaks, “The 1.25 billion people of India feel excitement, hope and expectation. Earlier, people had adopted a ‘chalta hai’ attitude but I’m happy they have high expectations from us. Jo karega use hi to kahenge (Those who works were always asked to work)”.

When asked about to throw a light on poverty, Modi said he do not need books to understand that as he have lived in poverty along with spending the major portion of life with the backward sections of the society.


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