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Petrol, diesel hits all-time record high prices, varies from state to state

Petrol and diesel prices hits a new record on Sunday after the continuous rise in the international market. The trend of increase in the petrol and diesel is still continued since the past four weeks. However, fuel prices vary from state to state according to the incidence of local sales tax or VAT.

Petrol prices in Delhi touched to a new height of Rs 76.57 per litre while the diesel price is at a peak of Rs 67.82 per litre. The surge in the petrol prices is mainly recorded in major metro cities.

In Mumbai, petrol prices stand at Rs 84.40 and diesel is priced at Rs 72.21. Not only Mumbai, petrol prices have break the limit of Rs 80 in other cities too. In Hyderabad, it costs Rs 81.11 while in Bhopal, petrol priced at Rs 82.12. In Bangalore- Rs 77.81, Chennai-Rs 79.47, Guwahati-Rs 78.72.

Along with the petrol prices, diesel prices have also increase with a new record. In Bangalore, diesel costs Rs 68.98, in Chennai Rs 71.59 while in Guwahati it is priced at Rs 70.79.

Union Minister of oil and petroleum Dharmendra Pradhan talked about the peak in the petrol and diesel prices by saying that government is working to come out with a solution soon and price hike is not in their hand.

He said, “It’s not in our hand. There is less production of oil in OPEC countries. The government will soon come out with a solution”.

The high prices of both petrol and diesel will have a negative impact on Indian economy as well as on consumers.

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