Pakistan bleeding the Us to death in Afghanistan, says former US Army Colonel

The duplicity of Pakistan is not hidden from everyone but this time,US is on the forefront target as a veteran US Army Colonel, Lawrence Sellin told that Pakistan is playing with the US in Afghanistan by backing the dangerous terror groups like Taliban, Haqqani Network.

Sellin said, “Pakistan’s duplicity has continued for Seventeen years. While accepting billions of dollars in military and economic aid, Pakistan has been slowly bleeding the US to death in Afghanistan through its support of the Taliban, Haqqani Network and other terrorist groups”.

Lawrence Sellin had served in many countries like Afghanistan, West Africa and Iraq. According to him, Pakistan intelligence agencies have been continuously providing arms and ammunition to the terrifying terrorist groups.

Pakistan’s own former head of ISI, Lt. General Hamid Gul who is also known as the godfather of the Taliban once confessed Pakistan’s strategy to drove the USA out of the Afghanistan.

“One day, history will say the ISI drove the soviet Union out of the Afghanistan with the help of USA and another sentence will be recorded that says the ISI drove the USA out of Afghanistan with the help of the USA”.

In response to Hamid Gul, the Pakistan audience laughed loudly and gave him applause.

Selin further said that Taliban in Afghanistan can’t be destroyed until and unless their support network and infrastructure system be finished and this could only be possible when Pakistan will draw back their hands from Taliban.

He revealed that it is known by all that ISI employ the local individuals and groups as the Taliban fighters. Besides Pakistan, Bejing was also blamed for changing the strategies thus making US Afghanistan dead.

Selin added, “Not only does China Maintain enormous leverage over Pakistan, financially and military, Bejing has been conducting its own secret negotiations with the Taliban for over a year”.

“Lacking any new ideas or even a recognition of reality, we have chosen to continue pursuing a proven unsuccessfully strategy on Afghanistan”.

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