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Now WhatsApp update will let you recover your deleted messages, videos, audios

The most popular and commonly used messaging app WhatsApp used by over 1.2 million active users have launched a new feature which lets you recover your deleted messages, videos, GIF and audios. However, it will be supported only on the Android version (2.18.113) of the app and you don’t have to ask the sender for the deleted videos, audios and messages anymore.

With the new WhatsApp update, you will be able to save all your data for a much longer time in the WhatsApp servers and at the time of any re-download, it will present you the original file. This new WhatsApp update will recover the files deleted three months back and before this, you wouldn’t be able to download older media.

Earlier, when the user didn’t download any kind of media, then the WhatsApp kept it in their servers as long as 30 days and if the user download any messages, video or audios, they immediately delete it from the servers but as per the new modifications, even if the media is successfully downloaded, WhatsApp will not delete it from their server so that you can recover it later whenever the needs comes.

The other criteria which will lets you to download the messages successfully later on is that the messages shouldn’t be deleted from the sender’s end otherwise you will not be able to re-download it again.Encircled by the Cambridge Analytica data breach, WhatsApp’s parent company and its CEO Mark Zuckerberg was questioned regarding the track of their user’s messages.

However, the company issued a statement that the user’s messages are end-to-end encrypt and they don’t collect the content of the user’s messages thereby maintaining the privacy of the users.

The new WhatsApp update feature is not applicable for the iOS users, but it will be launched soon in the nearby future as WhatsApp keeps on making changes with the time .


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