North Korean soldiers fired 40 rounds at a defector on Monday

The South Korean Military stated on Tuesday, “four North Korean soldiers fired 40 rounds at a comrade fleeing into south Korea and hit him five times in the first shooting at the jointly controlled area of the heavily fortified border since 1984.”

South Korean soldier did not fire weapons, but the Monday’s incident happened at the time of hatred over north Korea’s nuclear program and Pyongyang has expressed his intense rage over past high-profile outrages.

After a five-hour operation for the gunshot wounds, the soldier is being treated at a South Korean Hospital as he injured while escaping across the joint security Area. Soldier’s motive for revolt and personal details are unidentified and his exact medical condition is blurred.

South Korea’s military said that Soldier suffered damages in his internal organs but wasn’t in a danger condition. But the Ajou University Medical Centre near Seoul voiced that soldier was relying on a breathing machine after the surgery removed the bullets. A doctor who leads Ajou’s medical team for soldiers namely Lee Guk-jong, pronounced his patient’s condition as “very dangerous” and added the next 10 days might regulate whether he recovers.

Mentioning unspecified surveillance systems installed in the area, South Korea’s military said, “On Monday, he first drove a military jeep before he left the vehicle after one of its wheels fell into a ditch. He then fled across the JSA, with fellow soldiers chasing and firing at him.”

The chief director of operations for the south’s joint chief of staff, Suh Wook, communicated lawmakers, ‘’North Korea fired a total of 40 rounds in a shooting that his office said was believed to started while soldier was in the jeep.”

According to the south Korean officials, the soldier was found beneath a heap of leaves on the southern side of the Joint Security Area and the troops of south Korea got there to recover him. A.U.N Command helicopter later took him to the Ajou medical Centre.

The North Korea’s official media hasn’t described the case, but formerly accused of Seoul of enticing and kidnapping its citizens to defect. Since the end of the 1950-53 Korean war, about 30,000 north Koreans have eluded to south Korea, generally travel via China.

With the South Korean and North Korean border guards fronting each other only metres apart, the JSA is together supervised by the Amarican-led U.N and by the North Korea. There are numerous blue huts across block of concrete that makes border line and other buildings in the zone.

According to the South Korea’s military, the firing happened on Monday was the first at the Joint Security Area since U.N Command and North Korean soldiers traded gunfire when a citizen from soviet defected by sprinting to the south Korean sector of the JSA in 1984. A soldier from North Korea defected by sprinting to the south Korean sector of the Joint Security Area in 1984. A North Korean soldier defected in 1998 and another defected in 2007 but neither of those incidents involved in gunfire between the rivals.

According to the U.N Command, the 1984 gun-firing happened after North Korean Soldiers crossed the border and fired. In the event, happened on Monday, it wasn’t acknowledged if the North Korea continued firing even after the defector was officially in the southern part of the JSA. The U.N Command stated on Tuesday that an investigation into the incident was Underway.

The Joint Security Area was the spot of some bloodshed during the cold war but there hasn’t been any foremost violence in the recent years. In 1976, when North Korean soldiers cut down two American army officers to death and the United State re-joined by flying nuclear-capable B-52 bombers toward the DMZ in an attempt to intimidate the North Korea.

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