Noida: Dead woman comes back home days after the last rites performed

A 25-year-old woman mysteriously reappears day after her parents performed the last rites. When cops found a burnt body in a sack on April 24, the parents identified it as their daughter. The lady is living separated from her husband since the last three years.

Neetu Saxena went missing from April 6 following which her father Raj Saxena lodged a FIR in phase II police station. The parents Raj and Sarvesh Saxena have insisted the role of Neetu’s husband in her murder as Neetu and her husband is going through the disputed marriage.

However, when the police started the investigation against her husband Ram Lakhan and his father-in-law, they found that they weren’t involved in the crime.

Later on, when police found a woman’s burnt body on the FNG Expressway in sector 115 on April 24, the Saxena claimed that the dead body’s legs, hands and hair texture were similar to Neetu’s.

The devasted parents performed the last rites with the identified body but days after the last rituals were performed, the police finally nabbed pooran in Etah with whom Neetu was living for all this while.

After Neetu got the quick intimation from Pooran, she fled away to Bhangel, but cops brought her back from there. After which Neetu revealed that she left the  home after an intense fight with her parents on April 25.

Both the parents were thrilled at Neetu’s return and blames police for the confusion.

They said, “We has asked them to do DNA teat and check her fingerprints, but both requests were turned down”.

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